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For the past 40 years, COSMO AM&T has contributed to the national economic development as a leading company in the industry of magnetic recording media such as audio/media through continuous technology development and human resource development despite the difficulty environment and hardship. Based on the industry’s best technology, we have gone beyond the magnetic recording media business, transforming into a high-tech material corporate through diversification of business areas such as high-tech material business and IT-related material development. Efforts are being put into successful changes and an improvement in corporate traits. With the inauguration as the CEO, I will always listen to the interest and advice of the stockholders and many customers and I propose this management vision to maximize the corporate value of COSMO AM&T.
  • Pursue changes through a turn in creative conception
    I will enhance the corporate traits through a turn in creative conception starting from myself, the CEO in order to break the existing stereotype and for the change into an active organization.
  • Prioritized investments in the corporate revenue through discovery of new business
    Focus on continuous new businesses for the transition from audio/video business into high-tech material corporate and all competence will be focused to achieve consistent research and development and revenue focused investment.
  • Realize corporate culture with challenge and passion
    We, Cosmo people, with a mind of challenge and passion, not afraid of overcoming difficulties and obstacles will move toward the end until we reach the top.

"If we sleep now, we can dream but if we work hard now, we can achieve our dreams!"
With these words inscribed in our hearts, all executives and employees will strive to achieve this dream. Please continue to show us your affection and love for the success and development of COSMO AM&T and I wish you all the best.