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Cosmo Advanced Materials, a company specializing in secondary battery cathode active materials

With the explosive growth of the market for secondary batteries known as next-generation semiconductors, Cosmo Advanced Materials specializes in secondary battery materials and manufactures and supplies high-Ni-based cathode active materials used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems, starting with high-voltage and high-density lithium cobalt oxide (LCO).
COSMO AM&T’s Strength
Cathode Active Materials Application
Cathode active materials are widely used in secondary batteries for IT, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops, as well as for medium and large-sized secondary batteries for such applications as e-bikes, electric vehicles (xEV), and energy storage systems (ESS).
Features of Cathode Active Materials
LiCoO2 (LCO)
  • High-density, high-voltage product mainly used for secondary batteries for IT
  • High energy density and long life, same volume and high density
  • Proven accumulated technology through transactions with major clients for more than 10 years (applied to state-of-the-art IT devices)
LiNiMnCoO2 (NCM)
  • It is a ternary (Ni + Co + Mn) material with high capacity due to the nickel content.
  • High-Ni cathode active material manufacturing technology for small- to medium-sized secondary batteries
  • Proven high-stability material for high-Ni cathode active materials and cost savings
Product/R&D line-up
NCM622 NCM811
Product NC60C NC65C NC83S NC83SC HN88A CT19 CHV21
Characteristic ㆍUni-modal ㆍBi-modal
ㆍHigh capacity
ㆍUni-modal ㆍBi-modal
ㆍHigh density
ㆍFor 4.45V ㆍFor 4.47V
PSD ㎛ @D50 10 8 10 8 8 18 15
T.D g/cc 2.5 2.1 2.4 2.3 2.4 2.8 2.6
P.D g/cc, @2.5ton 3.20 3.10 3.10 3.24 3.05 3.85 3.80
Capacity @0.1C 178 187 210 211 216 182
Retention @50th/R.T 93 98 95 96 96 98 97
Next-generation Cathode Materials R&D
Cosmo Advanced Materials mass-produces high-voltage LCO applied to small IT devices. We aim to preoccupy the global market share by developing next-generation cathode active materials such as high-end NCM (Ni≥90%) and Co-Free.