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COSMO AM&T Toner Business
The toner business of COSMO AM&T (formerly known as Saehan Media) commenced in 1967 based on magnetic tape (video, audio) business.
In order to produce competitive magnetic tape products, its main raw material, magnetic iron oxide was developed for the first time in Korea 1987. With such technology as the foundation, the toner business began in 2004.
COSMO AM&T expanded the toner production capacity to 1,800T per year and currently, it is being exported to 60 companies in the world, mainly in color toners.
Research & Development
COSMO AM&T toner continues to develop new toner products based on the know-how of developing magnetic iron oxide which is currently producing 10,000T per year since 1987.
With the development and sales of one component magnetic substance for printing in the initial toner business as the start, non-magnetic color toners for high-speed copying is being produced and sold in over 60 companies around the world.
In the future, we will strive to develop high value-added products centered on color toners and through continuous research and development, efforts will be put into other material developments of information electronics.
Cosmo Toner
COSMO AM&T toners reflect the customer requests per region and is developing high quality products. Extensive product design is taking place to apply to various models.
Based on the core pulverizing technology and quality system which have been accumulated over the last 40 years, COSMO TONER will listen to the voices of the customers and provide customers with global No. 1 products. Toner Production Process